The secrets to helping your special needs child

Special Needs Children are first and foremost children. All children have abilities and disabilities. The following videos are ideas driven by research that can help your child learn more and be more creative and develop critical thinking skills.

METHOD ONE: Sign Language: According to the National Institute of Health, teaching your child sign language enhances communication, reduces frustration and creates better academic performance in many areas.


METHOD TWO: Music. Music can help your child calm down and soothe their emotions. Try using music to calm your child when they are upset. Music can also teach your child colors and other ideas.

METHOD THREE: Work on Vocabulary Daily. Drilling words and other academic endeavors is at the heart of behavioral methodology. Use media and other tools to drill words. If your child is already great at your native language, then start a new language.

METHOD FOUR: Learning Colors. The National Institute of Health has determined that when children learn new colors and artistic skills, it helps them in other academic areas such as math and science.

METHOD FIVE: Drilling the Numbers. Learning math can be tedious for any child or adult. However, it is essential for our children to learn math skills. Try to spend at least some time everyday helping your child learn math.