Dr. Todd Eller

Dr. Eller serves as the Director of Best Practices. He attained his PhD at UCLA. He also taught incoming professors at the Los Angeles College District. This program won the Diversity Award from the Governor of California. Dr. Eller has been serving special needs individuals for over 20 years. He is authored two books and published multiple journals for BabyFirstTV. He is dedicated to his organization and the special needs community.


Dr. John Lee

Dr. John Lee has been a Research Scientist for Center of Evaluation at UCLA since 1999. Dr. Lee’s world class research involves working with latest assessments with multicultural contexts. His main research interests are in automated assessment of complex skills using ontologies and probabilistic inference models, and assessments in the public education area. Coming from an immigrant family himself, Dr. Lee has been a leader for the educational community for decades. He many publications and awards are a testament to work ethic and dedication. He is proud to offer his services to the Best Practices Institute.


Lilian Castillo-Jones

Lilian is a master level translator that knows five languages, and translates for Best Practices. Lilian has been working with immigrants and special needs individuals for 15 years. Being raised by an immigrant family, Lilian can greatly identify with the struggles of coming to United States and trying to reach your dream. Lilian’s translation and behavioral service work has reached also worked with world class hospitals, multi-million-dollar corporations and universities. She is two-time recipient of the employee of the year award.


Dr. Elizabeth Thrower

Dr. Thrower served as the Head of Education at the number one public arts university in the country. Her expertise in statistical validation and evaluation are unsurpassed. She is responsible for multiple accreditations for her college and has been assisting Best Practices with publications, reliable research and maintaining the highest standards and latest research for our practice. It is an honor to have Dr. Thrower on our team. Dr. Thrower has published many articles and presented at the most prestigious educational conferences in the country. As mother, She is passionate about her work with the special needs community and parents.


David Lee

My name is David Lee, and I am a 23-year-old who enjoys assembling PC builds.  I have no formal training or even a computer-related major, but my wonderful father introduced me to the world of PC building back in 2017, where we together made what would be the first of many builds. That build, albeit with some parts changed, is still the build I use today to play video games with my friends and my main vector of communication. Since then, I help consult friends and family alike on part recommendations, and computer building and maintenance. When I am not busy, I am usually monitoring the current market of deals and upcoming releases.  I have built five builds in the past three years, three of those being near or during the COVID-19 crisis. I am thankful for Dr. Eller for giving the privilege to work on a system.